A Romanian dance-pop band with the members: Marius Nedelcu, Mihai Gruia, Adrian Claudiu Sana and Sorin Ştefan Brotnei.
Akcent have 7 released albums:
- In Culori (In Colors) - 2002
- 100 BPM - 2003
- Poveste de Viata (Life Story) - 2004

- S.O.S. - 2005
- Primul Capitol (First Chapter) - 2006
- French Kiss With Kylie - 2006
- King of Disco – 2007

Based in 2001, AKCENT is one of the best bands Romania has ever had. Their debut album – In culori (In Bright Colors) went Gold and Platinum in a very short time from its release in January 2001 and their debut single Ti-am Promis (I Promised you) made history...

After a long perios of gigs, in 2003 the boys make a big comeback with the new album 100 BPM. The title of the album has a special meaning, as 100 BPM is the rhythm of the heart during a kiss. The first single was Buchet de trandafiri (Rose Bouquet) followed by the beautiful ballad – Suflet pereche (Soul Mate), two very different but at the same time entertaining and interesting videos.

2004 was for Akcent the year that brought them a contract with Media Records Italy-the home of Gigi D’agostino. Their song Azi plang numai eu (I’m the only one crying today) iwas featured on the successful international compilation released by Gigi D’agostino “Benessere”.

Their third album relased in Romania was also a success. The single Poveste de viata (Life story) reached high places in the charts.

Dragoste de inchiriat (Kylie, as known all over Europe), the first single from their 2005 LP has blown away Romanian charts, but the big difference between this single and the previous ones is that it made AKCENT internationally famous, because it reached first places in music charts in countries like The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Finalnd, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria.

St Petersburg, Moscow and some cities in the far away Siberia were one by one taken by storm by Akcent’s superhits late 2006, consequently the guys spending much time travelling around Russia and spending Christmas in beautiful Moscow.

But it was the time to go back home and finish the recordings for the new album which was released early in 2007, an album created as a tribute to 80s disco music. “King of disco” was the first single and title of the album, the video was shot in Bucharest and it was meant to be a tribute to Madonna’s “Open Your Heart” video. Madonna herself was portrayed in the video, with her “Hung Up” outfit. “King of disco” was a huge success in Romania and intoxicated their fans all over Europe. The second single of this album was “Let’s Talk About It”, a mid-tempo track with lyrics speaking of relationships. The back-to-70’s video was shot in Romania’s biggest sea-side city, Constanta.

Akcent spent most of the 2007 summer in Poland with many gigs all over the country, meeting fans they used to talk on the internet. Besides Poland, Akcent were also touring again in Russia and Northern Europe. MTV Russia even followed the guys for more days in order to shoot an all-Akcent documentary which they broadcasted several times due to fans’ demand.

Akcent is also the Romanian band with the most watched videos on youtube and most visited myspace page. Their mysapce page has more than 110.000 profile visitors, definetely a record for Romania once again.

In april 2008, Marius Nedelcu decided to leave the band in order to follow a solo career. But AKCENT still remained AKCENT.
In October, 2000, two young DJs from Timisoara, DJ Gino Manzotti (Handke Giuseppe) and DJ Maxx (Florea Ovidiu Nicolae) decided to start together a music project, called Dj Project.Next year they had their first album released, “Experience”. In 2002 they released their second LP, “Spune-mi tot ce vrei”.
In the autumn of 2003, they included in their project a vocalist, Elena (Baltagan Elena) and made their first album together, intitled “Lumea ta” (“Your world”).
In 2004 Dj Project produced their most famous hit, with the same title as the album “Lumea ta”. With this hit they were present on the Romanian charts for 40 weeks.
In 2005 the single “Lumea ta” started a European career, being promoted by Ministry of Sound, the most important euro-dance music producer. The hits were being promoted on many European radio stations, the band being known in Europe as “Elena”.The same year they produced a new album “Soapte” (Whispers). The first single from this album not only dominated all charts and playlists in Romania, but also became a symbol of so many love stories whose protagonists swore each other : “ I can’t forget/ your look”.


The ascension of the band kept going on, as in 2006 they were awarded with the “Best Romanian Dance” award. At the request of Universal Music they recorded a new video, for the English variant of the super-hit “Privirea ta”/ “Before I sleep”.

In the summer of 2006 the band released their fifth album, called “Povestea mea” (My story) and in August, 2006 they were awarded a new prize, that of “Best Dance Group”. That very year, in 2006 the band received the ultimate musical prize, the Best Romanian Act at the MTV Music Awards. This year definitely brought the band the recognition they deserved for so many years of hard work. Dj project thus became not only the name of a band but of a brand, that equates with good quality dance music.

In 2007 the band recieved for the second time the title of best Romanian dance band, and by the ned of the year they released their sixth album, intitled “ Doua anotimpuri” (Two seasons)

Romanian Rock and Folk Music
Romanian rock and folk music has its roots in the early period of classical rock. Bands and artists like Celelalte Cuvinte, Phoenix, Valeriu Sterian, Semnal M, Rosu si Negru, Iris, Compact, Pasarea Colibri and many others gave Romanian music its own colour.
Phoenix are the legend itself of the Romanian music. There are no words to describe their genius. Each of us hum their historical songs like: “Andri Popa”(“Andri the Priest”) “Fata Verde”(“The Emerald Lady”)


Celelalte cuvinte (The Other Words - in Romanian) formed in the late 70s and still active, passing through more artistic periods with little personnel changes, they have marked their era not only as a great band but also as the link to a glorious past.

Their well-known ballad is – „Daca Vrei” (“If you want so”)

Cargo is a Romanian hard rock/heavy metal band formed in 1985. My favourite song is “Nu pot trai fara tine” (“I can’t live without you”) “Daca ploaia s-ar opri”(“If the rain would stop”)

Now rock on!
“Nu mai am tigari”(“I don’t have any cigarette left”)
“Calare pe moroare” Iris is a Romanian hard rock band established in 1977. They celebrated their 15th anniversary at an international rock festival in 1991 and 1992 beside Ian Gillan Band, and 25 years in 2001 with Uriah Heep. Here are some of their songs.

Iris-“Strada ta” (“Your street”) Iris and Uriah Heep – ”Lady in back”

Semnal M (Signal M) – a very influencial band, with many remarkable hits and talented members, formed in 1975.
Semnal M-“La fereastra ta”(“At your window”)
Compact is one of the most known bands from 1977. The hit “Fata din vis” (“The dreamgirl”) – 1980 - is a song that made history.
A more recent song: “Stai cu mine” (“Stay with me”)

Trooper is a Romanian heavy metal band formed in 1995. They sang in the opening of the Iron Maiden concert on 4th August 2008.
“Tari ca muntii” (“Stiff like a cliff”), “Strigat” (“Shout”)

Other remarkable songs in Romanian’s music history:
Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Unde dragoste nu e,nimic nu e(“Where is no love, there is nothing”)

Talisman-“Numai una”(“Only one”)
Valeriu Sterian -- Amintire cu haiduci(“Memories with the outlaws”)