Traian Vuia Technical College project team, Satu Mare, Romania


Hello! My name is Cristina and I’m 17. There are many things to tell about me, but I will resume to a few things. I’ve been thinking a lot about my future and I’ve decided that I want to be an architect. That’s why I have chosen the architectural specialization at my high-school. I learn at the “Traian Vuia” Technical College and I like it very much because we have many drawing classes.
My hobbies are Geography, guitar and, of course, arts. My dream is to travel all around the world to visit the places and get in touch with new civilizations and their language, customs and art. In my spare time I like playing the guitar and meeting my friends. I like rock, jazz and classical music and my favourite bands are: Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Blackmore’s night, Dire Straits and many more.
I like doing extra activities like this one because I meet new people from whom I might learn something and I can also improve my English skills. I have done projects like this before with people from Switzerland, France and Germany and I have participated at an international contest “ThinkQuest”.
That’s all for now! Bye bye!

Hello! My name is Denisa, I am from Romania, from Traian Vuia Technical College where I study at a technology class. I like Romanian literature, English and I am interested in acting. Recently I have won a reciting contest and I was very happy. I have participated for the first time at such a competition but I would like from now on to participate at other similar ones. I think that we can learn from each other a lot, that’s why I am interested in this school project with Croatia and Turkey.

Hello! My name is Lobontiu Noris

I'm 17 years old and I live in Romania in Satu-Mare.My hobby is bboying.Bboying means Breakdancing (b-boy=breaker boy).
History: Breakdancing comes from capoeira.The first breakdancers were in Puerto Rico and Bronx! It started in Puerto Rico and it evolved in Bronx and from Bronx it evolved further in the world.The most famous bboys are Mr.Freeze, Crazy legz, Frosty Freeze, Spy etc. Spy was also called the bboy with a thousand moves, he is a real breakthrough in the history of bboying.The first famous crew was The Rocksteady crew. They made a big History and a good evolution for bboying.
About me: So...I started practicing breakdancing in 2005.This isn't an extreme sport, this is a lifestyle, a dance.Bboying helps me in many things and it relaxes me. My favourite bboy is Baek, he is from a crew called Extreme crew. They are from Korea, most Koreans are good and they reached to win international contests... Dancing on music and on rhythm is very very important! You need to have experience and skills to participate at an international contest.
Why did I continue to dance?
I continued to dance because for me it isn't just a hobby, it is a lifestyle and I want my name to be famous in the bboyworld and I want to fulfil my dream.
            What is my dream?
My dream is to impress my parents and to take part at International Bboying contests.
I'm in a crew named B.element crew and we are practicing hard to reach the maximum!
I also have a motto wich I follow and say:
"I've got to follow my heart
No matter how far
I gotta roll the dice
Never look back and
Never think twice"
Those of you who want to practice Breakdancing, you must know that it is very hard and it takes a lot of patience!!
Sites to see me performing:

Capoeira and Ionut

Capoeira is an art form that involves movement, music, and elements of practical philosophy. One experiences the essence of capoeira by "playing" a physical game called jogo de capoeira (game of capoeira) or simply jogo. During this ritualized combat, two capoeiristas (players of capoeira) exchange movements of attack and defense in a constant flow while observing rituals and proper manners of the art. Both players attempt to control the space by confusing the opponent with feints and deceptive moves. During the jogo, the capoeiristas explore their strengths and weaknesses, fears and fatigue in a sometimes frustrating, but nevertheless enjoyable, challenging and constant process of personal expression, self-reflection and growth.

The speed and character of the jogo are generally determined by the many different rhythms of the berimbau, a one-string musical bow, which is considered to be the primary symbol of this art form. The berimbau is complemented by the pandeiro (tambourine), atabaque (single-headed standing drum), agogo (double bell), and reco-reco (grooved segment of bamboo scraped with a stick) to form a unique ensemble of instruments. Inspiring solos and collective singing in a call-and-response dialogue join the hypnotic percussion to complete the musical ambiance for the capoeira session. The session is called roda de capoeira, literally "capoeira wheel," or simply roda. The term roda, refers to the ring of participants that defines the physical space for the two capoeiristas engaged in the ritualized combat.But to really understand capoeira, you need to see it for yourself.(

Some pictures with me and some friends from capoeira:

<<This is me playing at the "BERIMBAU"the principal instrument in Capoeira>>

<<I`m on the left (Ionut)--center (Prof.Adriano)---on the right a friend from capoeira>>

Life Style By Hanry


Extreme sports are for people who love dangerous sports and they are crazy for adrenaline. Extreme sports should be more spectacular than football, dance, etc. These sports were invented by people who did many things like acrobatics, bungee jumping, skateboarding. In these sports you should know that it can cost your life doing these insane things.
Skateboarding is a really amazing extreme sport. But it’s also dangerous. For this sport, hip- hop or punk music are being used.
Breakdance is also an extreme sport but throughout the years it evolved into a dance style.
Snowboarding is almost like skateboarding. The difference is that skateboarding is on trambulines and on concrete and snowboarding is on snow.
So if people and teenagers want to execute or try this sport they should know that it is dangerous and that they should start it with a professional trainer.